Rachel Sheerin

Sell More + Be Happy

Image from Rachel Sheerin Facebook


Rachel Sheerin is a keynote speaker and trainer focused on helping hospitality and event professionals sell more and be happy!

Featured in Inc. Magazine for her unorthodox, high energy style of education and entertaining keynotes,  Rachel packs a double-shot of knowledge and humor to conferences, annual meetings and stages across the world.

As a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Rachel is an advocate for authentic sales processes and helping individuals feel successful on their deepest levels. She has been a guest on awesome podcasts such as Weddings Unveiled, This Week in Weddings, Lodging Leaders. Beyond the Restaurant and more, sharing her humor-filled perspectives on sales, mindset, business development, and happiness.

Rachel’s clients include caterers, wedding professionals, executive leaders, hotel and hospitality sales teams, photographers, venues, visitors and convention bureaus, event designers and more – if you serve the world, then she wants to serve you!

Rachel currently serves as Director of Education for WIPA, is a long time NACE member and takes her margaritas on the rocks.


  • Rachel will be opening the conference with an energetic message on how you can sell more, yet be happier (not stressed) at the same time – and isn’t that what we all want?! This session is perfect for any organization looking to increase sales, grow their client portfolio while also creating deeper, meaningful relationships with everyone they meet. Rachel has designed this session to be valuable for longtime business owners, polished sales professionals and budding entrepreneurs alike.
  • Rachel will also be closing out the conference for us, with her inspirational “F this S” session. After a day full of information, strategies, and a full new list of to-dos, you may feel a bit overwhelmed; so Rachel is here to speak with us about how to avoid burnout. How to take things in stride. And how to get back into loving your business if burnout happens.