Lacey Rene

Lacey Rene Studios


Lacey is the creator and designer of the Ultimate Styled Shoot Guide & Workshop. She’s a photographer, educator and forever optimist with sky-high ambitions! Her heart is to come alongside to inspire & equip others to achieve the dreams that are budding in their own lives.

After participating in several styled shoots, her heartbeat for creating grew into a heartbeat for coming alongside and helping others create. She thought to herself, “What if I could answer other’s questions that once stopped me from pursuing this? What if I designed a step by step guide into navigating this crazy terrain? What if I could give hands-on experience & practical guidance for preparing, organizing, coordinating and executing styled shoots?” Thus, the styled shoot workshops were born.

Lacey will be reinventing the layout of her workshop into a breakout session for the Wed Midwest Conference. Come learn the basics of creating a styled shoot and how to best position your business to participate and benefit from creating styled shoots.


  • Lacey will be speaking in the afternoon on the topic of styled shoots. From discussing the design to the logistics, to scheduling and photography 101’s, Lacey is here to restructure her popular photoshoot workshops into a hours worth of incredible¬†takeaways for photoshoot enthusiasts.