Becca Blake

Becca Blake Photography


Becca helps entrepreneurs strengthen their personal brands with strategic and authentic visual content that connects and converts.

After two years in product photography, she realized that while her clients’ online storefronts were looking beautifully professional, they were still struggling to connect with their target audience because they didn’t have any photos of themselves! That’s when her mission began to help entrepreneurs capture the heart and stories behind their brand so they can connect authentically with their audience and ultimately increase their revenue.


  • Becca will be speaking in the afternoon on the topic of personal branding. As a wedding pro, it is first nature to share photos of your work on your blog and in social media, but sometimes, potential clients want to see through the design and want to meet the person that we are going to be working with. And as an entrepreneur, YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS. Your clients should know your story, and personal branding is the easiest way to effectively show who you are. Join Becca to learn more about personal branding, how you can use it to benefit your business and hear some success stories of people that she has worked with in the past (yes, even some of your fellow wedding pros).