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Close out our awesome day of education with energy, inspiration, and the hell-yeah, can-do attitude you need to make your happiness and success soar!

In this hilarious, high-energy program, we’ll explore our beliefs around success, why burn out happens, and how you can enjoy your life, own your joy & absolutely love your success. Rooted in the goal of keeping high performers and awesome professionals in our industry, attendees walk away with awareness about burnout, signs to watch for and how to save yourself and others from saying "F*** this S***".

This Program is perfect for:
● Independent Small Business Owners
● Long Time Wedding + Event Professionals
● Anyone interested in living an authentically successful and happy life

Attendees will walk away with:
● A full understanding of what burnout is, how it shows up in our lives and work and why it’s an epidemic in our industry
● The top 3 causes of burnout and what to do to safeguard yourself against them
● How to heal yourself from burnout (or support a loved one who is struggling)
● A new perspective on success and what matters most to them

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The Power of Visual Personal Branding

You didn’t start your business so you could be a slave to taking the perfect selfie or to rely on your significant other to take 27 photos of you drinking your coffee! So, let's talk about how personal photography can elevate your brand, tell your authentic story and create authentic connections that convert!

In this session, you will learn:
What visual personal branding is and how to recognize and personalize it for your company.
How personal branding can help up-level the engagement, credibility, and consistency of your business.
Where to use visual personal branding to reach potential clientele.
Why visual branding should be your first business priority so that you can strengthen your identity, attract the right people and improve conversions.

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KC Wed Boutique

The Wed Boutique is a platform that implements launch and growth strategy for creative entrepreneurs in the Midwest. If you are a new wedding pro, come join us to explore the Kansas City market, complete with the demographics of our engaged couples, proven marketing and growth strategies, and a road-map to the industry within KC.

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10 Ways Your Website is Killing Your Business

While you’ve probably heard about the 4 C’s of Diamonds – Cut-Carat-Clarity-Color – you’ve never heard of the 4 C’s for a more engaging website. Well, Alan’s going to fill you in on four things that will help your website work better for you, rather than against you. They’ll sound so simple, you’ll wonder why you’re not already doing them.

Come to this session and learn:
The 4 C’s and how to use them on any site
How to convert more of the traffic you’re already getting
Why you probably have too much on your site

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How to Work ON Your Business Not IN Your Business: We are talking Workflows!

How do you use the initial steps of an inquiry to gain the trust of a potential client? 

Takeaways: The Key Workflows for Business Success

Building & Managing The Inquiry Workflow: Why this is crucial to new relationships and how this is an opportunity to unleash your brand.

Building & Managing The Client Workflow: How to manage client complexity in a customized way while maintaining efficiency how to create the components in order to build a workflow.

How to Implement a Workflow into your business: You will work in small teams to analyze examples, apply your own point of view, and build your own custom workflows.

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How to Read The Wedding Report to Benefit Your Business

At first glance, the Wedding Report looks like an overwhelming amount of numbers. But, what if you could learn how to read and interpret the numbers to help you better understand the purchasing behaviors of the couples in your area? Shane will be sharing a clear view of how you can read, analyze and interpret the Wedding Report to benefit your business.

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How To Speak Fluent ‘WOW!’: The Language Of High-Paying, Loyal, Raving Customers.

Much has been taught about the sales process and how to persuade customers to sign on the “bottom line.” The more important lesson that is often lacking, however, is---how to deliver the type of experience your customers expect and demand once they’ve committed to you and your service or product. It is no longer enough for any business to rely solely on the delivery of basic customer service to build a loyal customer base. Customers want and expect an extraordinary "WOW!" experience, as well.

During Ron’s Presentation You’ll Learn:

Why customers will pay more for a product or service from businesses that provide a better experience
Valuable secrets to making emotional connections that produce customer loyalty
Simple steps to differentiating your business from the competition, eliminating the need to compete on price.
Effective ways to measure the experience and verify that your customers are feeling the “WOW!”
How personalizing the client experience leads to increased sales, referrals and profits.
And more.

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Step Into the World of Styled Shoots

Styled shoots have the potential & power to propel your business, brand, vendor relations, style, credibility and creativity to a whole new level! (Talk about a game changer!) If your business is established or new, if you're a florist, planner, photographer or designer--this is for you! We'll take an in-depth look at not only why, but how to envision, cast, create & execute your own styled shoot successfully and with confidence to transform the business you love!

-Designing and refining a vision that will succeed
-Picking the perfect vendor team (Not everyone's a fit!)
-Details, details, details (And why they'll make or break your shoot!)
-How to maximize your rentals, florals & larger pieces
-Storytelling & social media
-Keys to writing a shareable blog that will make everyone happy

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Build A Badass Brand

The power of a cohesive, striking brand from the logo, to the words you use, to what you're posting on social media - not only making it work for you but differentiating yourself.

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